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Success is built on metro Ethernet.  With Hawaii Ethernet you will be able to connect all of your offices onto one solid network.  It is very easy and we can help you at extraordinarily low prices.  It is unfair to your business and to your clients to have unreliable internet.  With Hawaii Ethernet, we are able to guarantee you excellent connections.  We guarantee you a 99.9 percent uptime along with 24 hour monitoring of your system.  You can customize your speed and at any time contact us and we will be able to increase your speed as you need it.

We are very flexible giving you all of the liberty in Metro Ethernet services.  We also make changes in hours not days.  When you need more speed, you can’t wait a week or even a day.  You need it now.  That is why we strive to only offer you the best.  We also set up your metro Ethernet service in less than four weeks rather than making you wait months for installation.  We offer you solid benefits that can’t be beaten with our prices.  We have scalable services, flexibility, efficient convergence of your applications and a reliable source of metro Ethernet.

Contact one of our highly knowledgeable customer service representatives for more information regarding our optimum services.  We guarantee that you will find friendly and informative information where you make all of the decisions.  There are no obligations or hassles.  Contact us for a free Hawaii Ethernet quote and see how much of a difference Metro Ethernet can make for your business today.

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